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This week I did a "double-blind" interview with a fellow dark ambient music writer: we each interviewed the other in depth, without knowing in advance what the other would say. The final result was very satisfying, and it attracted a host of wonderful comments from some of my favorite musicians - including this one, which is going right into my "giddy fangirl-squee" file:

"I warmly recommend that you check out the cross interview between Michael Barnett and Danica's a great way to get better acquainted with two of the most prolific and insightful protagonists of the dark ambient genre."
- Johan Levin of Desiderii Marginis, 24 January 2019

You can read the interview at the This Is Darkness webzine...

Dark Ambient Journalism: Interview with the Writers

...or in reverse order in the most recent issue of my newsletter:

Dark Ambient Journalism: Interview with the Writers

If you're curious about why I'm so excited about the funding model behind my direct-subscription email newsletters on the Substack publishing platform, I go into depth about it in the second question for this interview.
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[I'm reposting this here because I want it preserved in a place that's organized enough for me to actually locate it later on whenever I want to by searching tags, dates, memories, etc. Thank you, Dreamwidth.]

My Facebook page for The Anticareerist has just been deleted, despite having 1700 followers. I started it in 2010, so it lasted eight years. It served its purpose and it's time to let it go. From here on my email newsletter on Substack and website will be my only means of communication with my readers for that project.

I will soon delete my Facebook page for Endarkenment: The Esoteric in Dark Ambient Music and Culture too. All future communications about the book will happen through the email newsletter on Substack.

Facebook is in decline. Pages haven't been worth the effort for me for quite some time. It's a relief to let them go. I'm making space in my life for great new things.

When I hit "unpublish my page," Facebook asked me why, and gave me a list of options. I checked the option that reads: "I didn't get enough value from the page." This was followed by a question asking me how the page could have given me more value. I wrote:

"I'm a professional writer. You could pay me for my work and take an appropriate percentage of my revenues, like Substack does, instead of asking me to pay you to reach my readers."

I doubt they'll pay any attention to it, but nonetheless, it sure was satisfying to write that.

I mean, they DID ask, so...
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Glad to see things are picking up on Dreamwidth due to the exodus from social media platforms like Facebook and Tumblr. Enough of my friends are here that I finally joined.

I'm an old-school LJ user, so I'll get back up to speed with the habits I need for DW eventually. Maybe I'll even get around to importing my 300+ old entries from LJ one day. I had a paid permanent account on LJ, so I was bummed when the critical mass moved to Facebook and LJ became mostly a ghost town.

I look forward to getting back into the slower, more thoughtful pacing of journal writings focused on text, and away from the distracting, algorithm-driven, frustrating "busy town square" environment of Facebook and Twitter. Can't wait until I'm in a position to leave FB for good!

It'll be awhile before I write here even semi-regularly, I'm sure. But I'm happy to read my friends' journals in the meantime.


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